Realising potential, creating a difference. Specialist agency servicing the equestrian industry, our full service strategic campaign communications can be seen through print, digital PR, social media and content creation.

If PR is what others say and think about you then Marketing in simple terms
is what you say about yourself.

Your opportunity to shout from the roof tops about how great your service, product or brand is.

Therefore it is so important that the message and the platform you use are pitch perfect and pack a punch! Our job is to not only know your market, your client and importantly how to reach them but also to know and understand you and your products. Unique selling points, brand consistent and effective uncomplicated messages make the ideal recipe, then correctly placing that message where it can be seen becomes the icing on the cake. Using a multitude of marketing channels including print, facebook, twitter, e-burst, blogging has taken Equestrian Marketing to new levels so whether you need support with your facebook page or want to launch a multi media campaign Creative Equine has the service to suit your need.

From content creation to consumer through print, design, social media, industry influencers and digital PR.