Social Media

Exciting, relevant and totally essential for today’s discerning equestrian audience. With direct access to your audience this new platform opens up new opportunities.

Social media has revolutionised the marketing industry and gives you the opportunity to communicate directly to your consumer, breaking down barriers and placing you directly into their news feed, time line or inbox.

As with anything though, this needs careful planning and takes time to build. Terms, phrases and tone are so important and getting this right can make or break your relationship with your community. Getting started is the easy bit, maintaining interest and increasing traffic to create your community needs energy and expertise. We understand how the wheels of new media turn and how to maximize your brand online effectively without great expense, we can help you get started or offer you the on going support you need. Equestrian PR & Marketing has moved on to embrace this new market place and in simple terms, so should you.

From creation to consumer with messages that not only look good but also deliver the results you need.