Snapchat Maps – How to Turn off Snapmaps

Snap Chat Maps
Snapchat Maps, a step too far?
The recent launch of the maps feature to Snapchat has raised safety concerns in the media. So we set to work to see just how much information can be garnered from the functionality. Firstly, check to see if this function has been enabled (you have to opt in)  from your snap chat photo screen simply pinch your finger and thumb together to sweep across the screen and the display will change to a map, at which point you can zoom in further to identify your connections and even see quite clearly where they are (street names are visible) and at times what they are doing ( in a car). This obviously comes with concerns for safety, especially for children who may have open settings and 100’s connections who may not be who they say they are.
Personally although we see the fun aspect to the feature this feels wide open to abuse. 
So if you feel the same head to settings, by tapping the cog in the top right on your screen, then scroll down to ‘See My Location’ and enable ghost mode. This will remove your location from the maps completely. There are options to select only certain people if you would still like to try it, but we would recommend that this is a list that you keep on top of and manage frequently.
We hope that helps!