Poachers Turned Game Keepers

It’s not always about the desk job! Our huge passion for all things marketing is mirrored by a huge passion for horses, riding, training, competing and we think this helps.

It brings an extensive insight to the industry from a riders and horse owners prospective. As an integral part of the competitive circuit, we benefit from being well connected with fellow riders, trainers and owners.

This brings another layer to Creative Equine, offering us valuable insight to trends, fads and buying behaviour within the industry. Based not only on ourselves but also the riders, owners and trainers on the same yards as us, members within our regions and associations.

As owners and riders of competitive horses we require products to support their health and well being both inside and out. Some of our marketing experience is drawn from a need for products to suit our requirements, think of us as professional tried and tested riders!

We are genuinely passionate about the industry and the news within it. In fact we would go one further and confess to spending as much time reading and following social media and communities during work as we do in our spare time, this natural desire ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry.

Plus in order to be successful and combine work with competitive horses we have to be driven and disciplined. With early morning and late evenings taken up with riding and caring for our horses to high standards, it can only be managed with strict routines, dedication and discipline. A valuable skill set both at the yard and in the office!

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