New Instagram Update

Is it sad to get excited over new Instagram updates? We don’t think so!

Instagram’s new update now allows you to send any post to people beyond your Instagram direct messages. This is great news for your business as there is now an opportunity for your posts to reach beyond just Instagram.

Click on the export icon just to the left of the bookmark icon below any post. This brings up an options menu which many of you may be aware of but if you’re not from here you can:

  • AirDrop (only available for Apple products)- this is a quick and easy way of sending files to any Apple product. Your Bluetooth must be on and AirDrop must be enabled in settings.
  • Send via Message- iMessage for iPhones for just normal text messages.
  • Send via Mail
  • Add to Notes
  • Send via Messenger
  • Send via Whatsapp

If you click “More” at the end of the top row of options, you can enable or disable which messaging or social media platforms you wish to appear. For example, by enabling LinkedIn, you can share the original post to your LinkedIn account.

Below this is a second row of options. Here you have:

  • Add to Reading List- save your post to your Reading List to access it at a later date. Your reading list can be accessed by opening Safari, clicking the open book icon at the bottom, then the glasses icon in the middle at the top.
  • Copy- this copies a link which you can send to others or open on another device.

Why is this exciting? Because there are now further opportunities for your Instagram posts and brand message to reach an even wider audience. Although, the downside is that you can’t monitor how many people are sharing and what platform they are sharing onto.

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