The Social Media Glossary- Part 1

Social Media can be mind-boggling at times as it is, let alone the terminology that accompanies it! By understanding the language of all things Social Media, you’re half way to Social Media success! Over the next few blogs, we will share our “glossary” of key terms.

Algorithms– a mathematical coding which affects the way that posts appear on a social media platform’s timeline.

Archiving– retaining social media messages and associated metadata usually for compliance. This data can be retrieved as and when needed.

Avatar– a digital representation of an online user. E.g. social media profile pictures, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual image of the user.

Bio– short for biography, here you can allow others to find out a bit more about you or your business.

Block– something you can do to users if you don’t like the content they are sharing with you.

Blog– a space online to use as a publishing platform allowing a user to post comments, information and content. It’s a great way of helping others keep up to date with your brand.

Boosted Posts– paying to have Facebook boost your post up the timeline to increase reach and engagement based on demographics and behaviour data.

Canvas ads– one of Facebook’s advert templates which allows the ad to go full screen.

Caption– the tagline or description that appears underneath an Instagram photo.

Check-in– sharing your location with fellow Facebook users.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)– the amount of people who viewed a message/content and then performed an action e.g. following a button to your website.

Connections– people you have connected with on LinkedIn, similar to Facebook friends.

Conversions– converting Facebook users to fans and then to a customer following a purchase.

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