New Brand Ambassadors for TheraPlate UK

Creative Equine client, TheraPlate UK, are pleased to welcome dressage rider, Sarah Higgins and event rider, Alex Hua Tian, to their brand ambassador team. Sarah and Alex share a base in Cheshire, where they ride, train , teach and compete. Keen to support their horse’s physical condition and well being, they have had a TheraPlate on the yard for 12 months, used both as part of a sports conditioning programme and also injury prevention.

The TheraPlate uses a unique wave vortex therapy to increase circulation and promote healing, proving invaluable to Alex, Sarah and their team. The grooms have also benefited from the TheraPlate, often jumping on with the horses at the end of a long day.

Alex prolific career highlights include qualifying for his home Olympic Games in 2008 Beijing at just 18, making him the youngest ever eventer at the Olympics and the first ever competitor for China. Since then, Alex has competed at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy and won a silver medal at the Asian Games too with Temujin.

Alex Hua Tian Cross Country TheraPlate UK

Alex said, “With a yard full of performance horses, Sarah and I are always conscious of how we can improve their general management. For us, the TheraPlate has proven to be an incredibly versatile tool and a great investment – equally useful in supporting performance as well as helping to manage injury, whether prevention or recovery afterwards.”

Keeping both Alex’s event horses and Sarah’s dressage horses in peak condition has certainly been easier for them with the use of the TheraPlate. Sarah said “The better our horses feel, the better they perform. For us the TheraPlate was a must have piece of equipment. Since its arrival our horses start each session noticeably looser and immediately ready for work. It has become an essential part of our day to day routine.“

Sarah Higgins Dressage TheraPlate UK

Dominic Fox, of TheraPlate UK explains “We are really pleased that Sarah and Alex have joined the team, they join a number of international brand ambassadors including Olympians and Team riders,  it’s been great working with them and watching the horse’s progress”.

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