Why We DON’T Use 3rd Party Scheduling Apps

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In an instantaneous world, it’s hard to keep up with current trends and news on social media ever hour of the day, after all we all need a bit of no screen time!

Never has it been so important for businesses to stand out on social media, with increasing competition and adverts, any marginal gains to improve engagement and reach will be gladly received. One thing that can impact your social media potential is the time of day that you publish posts. Thinking about your target audience and when they might be online and what they may do on a regular day can be helpful when you are planning your content, knowing your audience is a huge advantage on social media. Looking on your page’s insights can also be a great way to inform your scheduling plan too.

After determining a time to post, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to post at that time. Modern life is busy and sometimes you may forget to publish a specific post at 7.45pm because that’s when the majority of your audience are online. That’s where 3rd party scheduling tools can be helpful in reminding you to post content or posting automatically. But are these apps all that they’re cracked up to be?

We have tried every app going, from Hootsuite to Buffer to Later… and we have the same verdict on them all. These apps can be quite expensive, so be sure that you know it will help your business before you invest. Also, many of these apps do not actually post but instead remind you to post, meaning that you might as well have posted natively anyway! Third party apps take the ‘social’ out of ‘social media’, which can be expensively penalised when it comes to the algorithm. Your page is favoured by Facebook by engaging with your followers, something which you can’t get a 3rd party app to do (yet!)

Whilst we totally agree that a social media schedule is necessary, particularly when it comes to campaigns, you do not need the assistance of a 3rd party scheduling tool to execute it. It is more of a commitment, but in our opinion, totally worth it!

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