“The Boost Button is Not Your Friend” We Don’t Agree!

You may have seen many a bold post claiming: “The Facebook Boost Button is Not Your Friend”.
Every time we see this, often posted by ‘Social Media Experts’, we roll our eyes and question…why not?
Confession time- we regularly use the boost button as part of our Facebook advertising campaigns. We achieve fantastic results when used as part of a strategy. 

In the simplest terms, the boost button can be used in a number of ways:

1– To accelerate the speed in which the post is seen. Getting eyes on the content as quickly as possible to an existing engaged audience. 

2 – To add ‘social proof’ to a post so it can be used as part of a more targeted campaign via Ads Manager.

3 – To lift organic reach and support overall growth of the page.

In addition, if you have already created your audiences in the Ads Manager, you can pull these through via the Boost function on the page to target a particular audience.

Boosting posts without a reason will of course just burn through your budget. With careful planning and a clear objective in mind the boost button can be relied upon as a close friend and ally. 

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