The Social Dilemma – Our Takeaway

The Social Dilemma on Netflix has been a huge talking point around the world, and not just for those in social media roles. The documentary provides thought provoking insights into social media, how it works and how it affects billions of people. There’s no doubt about it, social media giants are seriously powerful machines. Their ability to continuously assess our interactions and find what triggers certain responses is somewhat alarming. We think it’s well worth watching as a useful insight into how we are being fed information and how this isn’t always beneficial to us.

As digital marketing specialists, we absolutely love social media and see a real value in it. The ability to deliver relevant information and connect people all around the world is highly advantageous. If however you do feel overwhelmed with social media, here’s some top tips to help.

Top Tips:

  1. Switch off notifications – you soon become aware of how many times you are interrupted by them!
  2. Don’t take your phone to bed – a tough one but a good way to unwind at the end of the day.
  3. Track your time you spend on socials – you can do this on your phone through settings.
  4. If you don’t like it, unfollow them – you don’t have to follow everyone! Only follow content you find relevant and inspiring.
  5. Allocate time where you don’t use your phone – e.g. read a book for 30 minutes and don’t go on social media.
  6. Have ‘social media detoxes’ – a few days off of social media can help you feel refreshed. If you delete your apps you can easily restore them again.
  7. Interact more with others – setting yourself simple challenges can help you balance your time better. E.g. no phones at the dinner table during meals.
  8. Be aware – if you think you are overusing social media, take a break. Then get some fresh air (always the answer to everything!). It’s also worth being aware of the information you are consuming.
  9. Avoid following suggested posts… those are designed to keep you on the platform.
  10. Put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ overnight.

Overall, if used correctly then social media is ultimately a tool for good. It’s always a great reminder to realise that we don’t need social media, life would go on without it! Yes there is a darker side to it, however if used responsibly, it can be an easy way to connect with friends and find out new information – however never let it replace real human interaction and ensure that news is always from a reliable source.

A take home quote that we particularly like is:
“If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product”.

quote from the social dilemma

You can watch the trailer for The Social Dilemma here. Find out more about our Social Media Management services here.

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