Introducing Google Analytics 4

In order to ensure an effective customer experience and maximise on any business objectives, we need to fully understand a user’s journey through the website. Google Analytics is a much-used tool for surveying and analysing data, and we think it’s just got better!

Back in Autumn of last year, Google introduced the latest version of their analytics software, Google Analytics 4. GA4 is set to help marketers and businesses increase ROI thanks to machine learning, attribution and automation allowing a complete picture of the customer journey. Since its conception, Google have made multiple updates to the software and we’ve really got to grips with it and think now is the time to make the move to GA4!


What are the new features?

  • Life cycle reports. This new report provides a complete overview of the customers journey instead of focusing just on acquisition.
  • 360° customer centric data. GA4 gives a much more in-depth overview into customer identity, data and actions.
  • Predictive metrics. New machine learning helps predict outcomes, enabling you to make choices and prioritise audiences.
  • Cross-device and cross-platform tracking. You can now combine mobile and app data into one GA property.
  • Smart insights. Trends such as rising demand or changing needs are now spotted earlier thanks to machine learning.
  • Future proof reporting. These features ensure you adhere to data privacy regulations and changes.
  • Enhanced Measurement. Allows tracking based on multiple events in the customer journey ie app opening, purchases etc.
  • Google Ads integration. Tighter integration between GA4 and Google Ads means you can identify high value audiences and target them with campaigns.
  • Cohort Analysis. This allows grouping together of actions or attributes over a set time period enabling a deeper understanding of conversions within a week period for example.

Move over to GA4

GA4 provides an exciting fleet of advanced new features which will make your reporting better. There will likely become a point where the existing version of Google Analytics is phased out and GA4 becomes standard for all users. While this in itself is fine, the problem is GA4 doesn’t migrate data when you switch, so you won’t be able to access historic data. The good news is that you can run both accounts alongside each other, and GA4 will therefore start collecting data immediately. The sooner you start collecting data from GA4, the least disruption you’ll face if and when the existing version is out of action.

Our Thoughts

At Creative Equine we love data, so we think it’s great how GA4 lets you delve deeper into the statistics! We have GA4 set up for multiple clients so far alongside the current Google Analytics and love the range of data we’re getting from it. We think it’s going to help optimise user experience and help maximise on business objectives. In an everchanging digital world where there is more to data analytics than just pageviews and a user is likely to visit a site on multiple devices and platforms, GA4 provides an innovative way of collecting all this data and allow sensible business decisions.


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