Facebook Looks to Rebrand

A Name Change

Exciting news from Facebook before the company’s annual Connect Conference next week is that they plan to change their name to focus on building the metaverse, although what they plan on changing their name to remains yet unclear.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive is potentially unveiling the name change at the company’s event next week, although rumours are flying around that it may be announced sooner, but Facebook are refusing to comment. Despite the rumoured name change, their infamous social media platform named after the holding company would remain unchanged – so presumably nothing will change for us avid users!

Focus on the Metaverse

With over 2.8 million daily users, the focus for the company remains on growth, hence the commitment to the metaverse – ie the broader virtual universe accessed via the internet. With companies like Google already rebranding to Alphabet back in 2015 to signal that they are more than just a search engine, Facebook is evidently expanding their horizons.

The core flagship Facebook app has seemingly decreased in popularity over the years, with sister companies WhatsApp and Instagram stepping up to the metaphorical plate, so arguably it makes sense to rebrand now following their public defamation and legal cases within the Facebook brand at the same time as this investment into the metaverse.

The Connect Conference

The Connect Conference is their annual conference bringing together developers, creators and more for a one-day virtual event taking place on October 28th. The event will explore the future of augmented and virtual reality in pursuit of bringing “the world closer together… [to] deepen human connection”, so it seems like the ideal time to announce the rebranding to focus more on the metaverse.  

Whatever comes out of either the Conference or the rebrand is sure to cause quite a stir within the industry, and it will be interesting to watch this unfold!

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