Welcoming Louisa Maria Cuomo Saddles

We’re pleased to welcome Louisa Maria Cuomo Saddles to the Creative Equine team!

With 2 Cuomo saddles already part of the Creative Equine team (and very much loved), it’s fantastic to be working with Louisa who is so passionate about improving horse’s wellbeing under saddle. As more than just a saddle fitter, Louisa loves to study the horse as a whole in order to improve their way of going.

Using advanced technology such as the Quintic Performance Camera and the Tekscan Pressure Mat, as well as biomechanical tools such as analysis of symmetry and horse’s gait, Louisa offers a bespoke saddle fitting experience designed to compliment the individual horse’s movement.

We are looking forward to working on the Louisa Maria Cuomo Saddles brand on website improvements and our PR services.

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