Working with Influencers

Following on from our exciting news that we are sponsoring the Social Influencer Category at the Equestrian Business Awards this year, we thought it would be a good idea to share our top tips for effectively working with influencers in our industry.

Influencers can have a key role in growing your brand by spreading awareness and introducing your business to a whole new audience.

Set out objectives

Establishing your goals early on is key to ensuring a smooth and prosperous relationship between brand and influencer. What is it exactly you are setting out to achieve on this relationship; is it sales on one particular product, brand awareness, increased engagement? Be clear right from the start about what you want to gain from the relationship before you start any campaigns.

Choosing the right person

Make sure you do your research and choose the right person. When hunting for an influencer make sure you ask for media kits and look at their previous work. Ask yourself if they portray themselves online in a way that compliments your business and ensure they align with your brand values and ethos. If you can get hold of their audience insights, these can be helpful to decide if their audience is right for you – they need to be keen to see content from your brand.

Set out the arrangement

Influencers are giving you valuable access to their audience and therefore are entitled to ask for renumeration. While this is likely to be different for different influencers and relationship, it will likely be in the form of financial, product or discount. Whatever the agreement is, it needs to be established early on.

The specifics

Make sure the specifics of the campaign are clear from the start. For example, what platforms will it be on, what will the messaging be, how long will it be live for, and are you allowed to re-post? Will the influencer be doing multiple posts such as a grid post, a story and a reel?


Although it’s important to have an element of flexibility here, it is vital to ensure that the messaging used will fit within your brand guidelines. Remember however that the influencer you’re working with will also have their own brand guidelines and know how their audience like to receive content, so as long as it remains aligned with your message, delivery may be slightly different to your norm.

Be ready

It seems obvious, but make sure you’re ready for the campaign to launch! Ensure it’s scheduled in advance and if you’re offering a discount code for the influencer’s followers on your website for example, make sure the code is live on the website and ready to go!

Run the numbers

When your campaign is finished, it’s important to go through the results. It’s essential to see what works well for you and what doesn’t so you can decide if there is value in the relationship. Checking things such as page likes, website hits and sales or any other metric you expected to see change over the period of the campaign are good starting points to gauge success.

Finding the right influencer to work with can help your brand deliver a fantastic and authentic experience for prospective customers that’ll leave them desperate for more and excited by your brand!

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