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Why We DON’T Use 3rd Party Scheduling Apps

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In an instantaneous world, it’s hard to keep up with current trends and news on social media ever hour of the day, after all we all need a bit of no screen time! Never has it been so important for businesses to stand out on social media, with increasing competition and adverts, any marginal gains […]

The Social Media Glossary- Part 3

The final part of our Social Media Glossary! If you have any further questions about social media, including Facebook advertising, please contact us. Newsfeed- a list of news and posts on a particular platform, often on the homepage. Notification- an alert to tell you something on social media. A Pinned Tweet- a tweet which is pinned […]

The Social Media Glossary- Part 2

Part 2 of our Social Media Glossary, helping you cut out the jargon and have a better understanding of all things social media. Embedded media– digital media displayed on another piece of content, outside of its native setting. Engagement– one of the most important parts of a post. Engagement is the interaction between people and […]

The Social Media Glossary- Part 1

Social Media can be mind-boggling at times as it is, let alone the terminology that accompanies it! By understanding the language of all things Social Media, you’re half way to Social Media success! Over the next few blogs, we will share our “glossary” of key terms. Algorithms– a mathematical coding which affects the way that posts […]

New Instagram Update

Is it sad to get excited over new Instagram updates? We don’t think so! Instagram’s new update now allows you to send any post to people beyond your Instagram direct messages. This is great news for your business as there is now an opportunity for your posts to reach beyond just Instagram. Click on the […]