Equestrian Hashtags 2021

Hashtags are a vital tool for your Instagram success and can vastly increase the audience of your online content when used in the correct way. However, putting them to use incorrectly can adversely affect your marketing strategy by annoying your audience or being penalised by Instagram’s unforgiving algorithm. What are hashtags? Hashtags are a clickable […]

Exciting New Product Launch for Saracen Horse Feeds

We are thrilled to be part of an exciting and innovative new product launch with Saracen Horse Feeds, launching across the UK and Europe. Creative Equine have been involved with the release of new RE-LEVE®-Cubes from the early development stage, right through to the final launch. We have supported the campaign with graphics for digital […]

Using the Algorithm to Your Advantage

If you’re familiar with posting to Instagram, you’ll know that the ever-changing algorithm can determine who actually sees the content you’ve created and so influence the success of your posts. There are a few things you can do to ensure your content is reaching the right audience and getting the engagement it needs. What is […]